Production Process

  FASTPCBA Manufacturing Process  

We have a professional workshop of the production process and quality inspection process,Every step of the production process is monitored by the strictest control system in order to ensure our quality.

Order Process:

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【1】PCB&PCBA Quote 【2】Transactions【3】Audit review【4】Component Sourcing

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【5】Inspection【6】Pcb assembly【7】AOI test【8】Plug-in welding

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【9】X-ray welding test【10】QA test【11】package【12】Shipments

9 steps inspection process flow:

1  IQC来料检验    2 SPI锡膏检测    3 在线AOI检测 

【1】IQC incoming inspection【2】SPI solder paste inspection【3】Online AOI inspection

4  SMT首件检测    5  IPQC产品检验    6  离线AOI检测

【4】SMT first article inspection【5】IPQC product inspection【6】Off-line AOI inspection

7 X-RAY 焊接检测    8  QC人工检验    QA出货检验 9

【7】X - RAY welding test【8】QC manual inspection【9】QA outgoing inspection