PCB prototype intelligent power controller pcb

PCB prototype intelligent power controller pcb

Intelligent power controller PCB With the increasing popularity of Internet+ and people's security awareness, home smart power control is becoming an increasingly popular part of smart home products, including products such as home high-power power, daily power smart control, and so on. At...

Product Details

PCB prototype intelligent power controller pcb
Basic information about the product:

Product Classification: PCBA

Circuit board use: intelligent power controller

Product Name: 190110 Production 023

Pcb information: Specifications Model: double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, black oil white, single piece size 130*76MM

Order Quantity: 500pcs

Delivery time: 7 days


Product process description:

Component testing requirements: Test individual materials in advance, such as sewing machines.

IC pre-production burning: the need for external programming of the chip in advance.

Special sensitive devices: storage and transportation methods for temperature and humidity sensitive components.

Furnace experiment: All plastic molded patch materials are subjected to reflow soldering experiments.

Single-sided board chip soldering: U2 bit number is a common pad. When soldering the corresponding module, it is necessary to seal the pad steel mesh that is not needed before printing;


Product process information:

Board soldering method:

1: The temperature of the molten iron is controlled between 330 °C and 350 °C.

2: The welding temperature of the sensor, LED and buzzer is 330 °C, and the welding time is between 3 seconds and 5 seconds.

3: The connector cannot be welded, and the left and right are skewed and raised.

4: The tin point should be full and bright, and there should be no sharpening, less tin, bubble holes and too much tin.

Trial production report: The new product trial production report is sent to the salesman in the form of an electronic file.


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