China online Printed Circuit Board

China online Printed Circuit Board

Item:DHL UPS EMS PCB:customized PCB Tolerance of finished thickness:±5%

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China online Printed Circuit Board 

Product name:

Project Output for DL150RBLED V1.0

Specification model: single-sided aluminum-based automotive control panel, black solder mask, paste silicone

Order Quantity: 250pcs

Project requirements: pcb+smt

Inspection requirements: 1, X-RAY confirms the effect of the tin on the IC chip, the thermal conductivity of the lamp, the tin level must be 80% or more, the batch sampling rate should be above 3%, the sample is fully inspected, the shield can not have False.

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Welding and cleaning:

1. The operation process is not allowed to touch the surface of the IC to prevent damage to the surface layer of ic.

2·, LED light board, can not leave rosin, tin slag and other dirt

3, can not use the washing water to clean the LED lights, when dirty, can be cleaned with industrial alcohol

4. When cleaning the shield, it must be cleaned with wash water. Ultrasonic can only clean the entire LED panel with industrial alcohol.

5, A10 customers with SMT process PCBA, need ultrasonic to take industrial alcohol cleaning, mainly to clean the residual rosin and tin slag.

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