Voltage stabilizer pcb with 94v0 fr4

Voltage stabilizer pcb with 94v0 fr4

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Voltage stabilizer pcb with 94v0 fr4



The PCB design can be output to a printer or output to a light drawing file.The printer can print the PCB in layers for the designer and reviewer to check.The photo - drawing document to the board manufacturer, production board.The output of the optical drawing file is very important, which is related to the success or failure of this design.

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1. The Board Outline is drawn for the structure size of the printed Board.

2. Separate the Components, which will be arranged around the edge of the plate.

3. Move and rotate the components one by one, put them within the edge of the plate, and put them in order according to certain rules.

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The output layers include wiring layer (including top layer, bottom layer, middle layer), power supply layer (including VCC layer and GND layer), silk printing layer (including top layer and bottom layer), resistance welding layer (including top layer and bottom layer), and also need to generate drilling files (NC Drill).


After the input of the grid table, all the components will be placed at the zero of the work area and overlapped together. The next step is to separate the components and arrange them in order according to some rules, that is, the component layout.PowerPCB provides two methods, manual layout and automatic layout.

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The PCB design rules, layer definition, hole setting and CAM output setting have been made into the Default startup file, with the name of default.stp. After the network table is input, the power network and ground are allocated to the power layer and stratum according to the actual situation of the design, and other advanced rules are set.When all the Rules are set, use the Rules From PCB function of OLE PowerPCB Connection in PowerLogic to update the rule Settings in the schematic to ensure that the schematic and PCB Rules are consistent.

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