Voltage Stabilizer Pcb Circuit Board

Voltage Stabilizer Pcb Circuit Board

Max board size:1200mm*600mm DK Thickness:0.076 to 6.00mm Board Thickness Tolerance:±10%

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Voltage stabilizer pcb circuit board

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Due to the need of social development, electronic devices become more and more complex, which requires electronic devices to be reliable, fast, low consumption power, light quality, miniaturization and low cost.Since the idea of integrated circuit was put forward in the 1950s, the first generation of integrated circuit was developed in the 1960s due to the progress of integrated technologies such as material technology, device technology and circuit design.

In the history of semiconductor development.The appearance of integrated circuit is of epoch-making significance: its birth and development have promoted the progress of copper core technology and computer, and made historic changes in various fields of scientific research and the structure of industrial society.The invention of integrated circuits by superior science and technology has given researchers more advanced tools, which in turn has produced many more advanced technologies.These advanced technologies have further encouraged the emergence of higher performance and cheaper integrated circuits.For electronic devices, the smaller the volume, the higher the integration;The shorter the response time, the faster the computation process.The higher the transmission frequency, the greater the amount of information transmitted.The semiconductor industry and semiconductor technology are known as the foundation of modern industry, and have also developed into a relatively independent high-tech industry.


Component: the product that does not change the molecular composition of the raw material during processing may be called a component, which is not required
Devices that require energy.It includes: resistance, capacitance, inductance.(also called Passive component Passive Components)
The components are divided into:
Circuit components: diodes, resistors, etc
Connecting components: connector, socket, connecting cable, printed circuit board (PCB)

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Device: the product whose molecular structure of the raw material is changed by the factory is called a device
Devices include:
Active device, its main features are :(1) own power consumption (2) need external power supply.
Discrete devices, divided into (1) bipolar transistor (2) field effect transistor (3) SCR (4) semiconductor resistance capacitance
In the circuit, the resistance is represented by "R "with Numbers, for example, R1 means the resistance numbered as 1. The main functions of the resistance in the circuit are: shunt, current limit, partial pressure, offset, etc.
Capacitors are generally represented in the circuit by "C" plus Numbers (e.g., C13 for capacitors numbered 13).
The capacity of capacitance refers to the amount of energy that can be stored. The blocking effect of capacitance on ac signals is called capacitive resistance, which is related to the frequency and capacitance of ac signals.


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