Ventilator Pcb Circuit Board

Ventilator Pcb Circuit Board

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Ventilator pcb circuit board

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First of all, we need to tell the manufacturer the relevant data of the size, process requirements, quantity of products, etc. we need, and then there will be a professional person to quote, order and follow up the production. According to the requirements put forward by the customer, cut the small piece of production plate that meets the requirements on the sheet that meets the requirements. The specific process is as follows: large sheet material → cutting board according to MI requirements → slab board → beer fillet \ edging → out board. The main operation is to drill according to the customer's data and drill the size of the hole requested in the appropriate position. The specific process is as follows: stack pin → upper plate → drill hole → lower plate → inspection \ repair. The main operation is copper sinking. The principle of copper sinking is to deposit a thin layer of copper on the insulating hole by chemical method. The specific process is as follows: rough grinding → hanging plate → copper sinking automatic line → lower plate → dip 1% diluted H2SO4 → Thickened copper.


This step is a graphics transfer, which refers to the transfer of graphics on a production film to a large board. The specific process is as follows: hemp board → laminating → standing → aligning → exposure → standing → shadowing → inspection. The pattern plating is to deposit a copper layer with a required thickness and a gold or tin layer of the required thickness on the exposed copper skin or the hole wall of the line pattern. The specific process is as follows: upper plate→deoiling→water washing twice→microetching → Washing → pickling → copper plating → water washing → pickling → tin plating → water washing → lower plate.

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This operation mainly uses the NaOH solution to remove the anti-plating coating layer to expose the non-line copper layer. It is an etching process, and the main operation is to carry out the reaction using the chemical reagent copper so that the non-line portion can be removed. It is a green oil process that transfers the pattern of the green oil film to the board. Its main function is to protect the line and prevent the tin on the line when welding the parts. Mainly for printing some characters on the circuit board, the characters are printed mainly by some manufacturers' information and product information.

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The specific process is as follows: after the end of the green oil → cooling and standing → adjusting the network → printing characters → after the . Gold-plated fingers are plated with a layer of nickel/gold in the required thickness to make them more rigid and wear resistant. Molding; the method of shape molding required by the customer through the die stamping or numerical control machine, organic enamel, beer board, handcuffs, hand cut. Circuit board test: It is mainly tested by flying probe tester to detect open circuit, short circuit and other defects that are not easily found on the circuit board.


The inks required to print characters in the board and the solder resist inks are collectively referred to as inks, and the two inks are treated differently after discoloration. Character ink discoloration: The cause of discoloration is mainly caused by printing characters and then sinking gold during the production process of the circuit board. There is a large amount of metal impurities in the character ink. When it is immersed in gold, it chemically reacts with metal impurities and immersion gold to cause discoloration. Solution: You can first sink the gold and then print the characters to the circuit board. Of course, you can also use high-quality ink, which can also achieve better results. Discoloration of solder mask ink: If the solder resist ink is discolored, it can only be replaced with a better solder resist oil, so that a better product can be soldered.


An important step in the production of the board is electroplating. The principle of electroplating is to plate a layer of metal or form an alloy on the surface of other metals. The main purpose is to use the action of electrolysis to form a metal oxide film on the metal surface or the non-metal surface, thereby preventing oxidation, light reflection, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.). The process of circuit board plating is as follows: inlet plate → degreasing → water washing → micro etch → water washing → acid leaching (sulfuric acid) → electroplating copper → water washing → acid leaching (fluoroboric acid) → electroplating (lead) tin → water washing → exiting → retreating Plating (etching fixture) → washing → entering the board.

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