Ultrasound System Pcb Circuit Board

Ultrasound System Pcb Circuit Board

Outer packing:Standard carton bag Surface Finishing:ENIG Solder mask:Green/black/white/red/blue/yellow

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Ultrasound system pcb circuit board

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After the board is manufactured, some test tools are needed to check the board to ensure that the board produced is a qualified board that meets the requirements. The flying probe tester is an instrument for testing PCB boards (printed circuit boards) with high density, large number of layers, high wiring density, and small measuring point distance. It mainly tests the insulation and conduction values of the circuit boards. Independent of mounting on fixtures or brackets, two or more probes are mounted on a freely movable microhead on the x-y plane, and the test points are directly controlled by CADI Gerber data. The dual probes are able to move within a range of 4 mils from each other. The probes are able to move independently and do not really define the extent to which they are close to each other. A tester with two arms that can be moved back and forth is based on the measurement of the capacitance. The board is placed on an insulating layer on a metal plate to serve as another metal plate for the capacitor. If there is a short circuit between the lines, the capacitance will be larger than at a certain point. If there is an open circuit, the capacitance will become smaller.


The test stand is a test mold, and the test board is an important tool for checking the board for problems. The test stand is opened to detect whether the circuit board has open short circuit and the through hole is not connected. It is to ensure the quality of the board.

Another advantage of opening the test rack is that if the number of boards on which the test rack is opened is large, the cost test will not be carried out in the follow-up, and the flying probe test is different. The next time you make this order, you still need to take the flying probe test fee. of.

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Electrostatic damage of components, it is recommended to understand the electrostatic discharge model, the control of the human body, conductor, insulator three substances, test the amount of static electricity, systematically test the anti-static measures in all aspects of the production line. Electrostatic protection is a holistic system process. It is not only equipped with hardware equipment, but also requires engineers to understand static electricity protection. Take appropriate protective measures to control the contents of the EPA to protect sensitive components. The operation of employees is also particularly important.

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The same board, who can complete it with the least amount of materials, who has the lowest production cost, and control the minimum material is to control its rework rate and employee waste rate, although many factories have PMC departments to limit The materials produced, but this is the way to cure the symptoms. The materials are not enough, the production can't stop, and finally they have to be sent to him. It really takes the root of the problem. It also needs to start from the staff's proficiency, supervisor's management ability and process design. . A strict management system and a reasonable operation method will reduce a lot of human error. It is recommended that certain key positions be selected by experienced staff. For example: process designer, production supervisor, MI writing engineer, etc.!


The rational use of hydropower is of utmost importance. Especially in the peak season, there are often power shortages. In many places, power-limiting control is adopted. When the machine is not in use, it must be stopped, such as lamps, etching, drilling/pulling machines, etc. Reasonable use of electricity can reduce the cost.

Advocate production planners, be skilled in the process, work closely with the production and marketing departments, and communicate frequently to get timely information so that the production plan can be arranged reasonably!


The scrapping board is indeed a pity, especially in the market, the copper plate soared, the material floated, and the PCB profit fell. If the scrap rate is too high, it will definitely worsen the enterprise economy. How to control the scrap rate! This requires us to find a better operating system and management system to tolerate employee negligence and material instability. In controlling the scrap rate, we can control from the following points: to enhance the awareness of employees, Let him understand that the circuit board is a valuable thing, and it must be handled at all times. Don’t let him feel that we are producing cheap boards or garbage boards. Naturally, he will not treat it as a baby, just like We ask for the posture of the board. We must hold the board with two hands. We don't say that this will bring benefits to the quality. This posture can make people feel the preciousness of this board! QA MRB (Retirement Reviewer) This person is very important. It is up to him to judge whether the board should be scrapped. Then he must have a high degree of responsibility and be familiar with the process. If the board that can be saved is sentenced to retirement, it is undoubtedly a kind of Waste, if the board can not be saved, he was judged to be qualified and continue to go down the process, and will waste the raw materials of the process. Constantly introduce new technologies and seek the most reasonable working mode to tolerate employee mistakes. Let the monthly scrap rate be known to every employee, let them feel that the scrap rate has reduced the benefits for them! Always summarize the reasons for scrapping, and know how our board is scrapped.

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