Creation pcb single layer

Creation pcb single layer

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Creation pcb single layer OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn UL Rohs hdmi male connector pcb production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Product basic information:

Goods classification: single layer PCBA

pcb board information: single-sided aluminum substrate, black solder mask, 2oz, 1.6mm, white characters, heavy gold, gong plate, electrical test, through hole and metal substrate connection.

Order quantity: 700pcs


Detailed specification of PCB manufacturing

1 Layer: 1-30 layer

2 Materials: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, high TG, FR4 halogen free, FR-1, FR-2, aluminum

3 Board thickness: 0.2mm-7mm

4 Max. finished board side: 500*500mm

5 Min. drilled hole size: 0.25mm

6 Min. line width: 0.075mm(3mil)

7 Min. line spacing: 0.075mm(3mil)

8 Surface finish/treatment: HALS/HALS lead free, chemical tin, chemical gold, immersion gold immersion silver/gold, Osp, gold plating

9 Copper thickness: 0.5-4.0oz

10 Solder mask color: green/black/white/red/blue/yellow

11 Inner packing: vacuum packing, plastic bag

12 Outer packing: standard carton packing

13 Hole tolerance: PTH:±0.076, NTPH:±0.05

14 Certificates: UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS, CQC

15 Profiling: punching routing, V-cut, beveling

16 Assembly service: providing OEM service to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly


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