UL Rohs hdmi male connector pcb

UL Rohs hdmi male connector pcb

Silkscreen:White PCBA Test:X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test Application:LED,medical,industrial Device Testing points:4000

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UL Rohs hdmi male connector pcb





After the electronic equipment adopts the printed board, due to the consistency of the same printed board, the error of manual connection is avoided, and the electronic components can be automatically inserted or pasted, automatically solder and automatically tested, which ensures the quality of the electronic equipment, improves the labor productivity, reduces the cost and facilitates the maintenance.




The PCB developed from single layer to double, multilayer and flexible, and still maintained its own development trend.Due to the continuous development in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, and the continuous reduction of volume, cost reduction and performance improvement, the PCB will remain strong vitality in the future development projects of electronic equipment.






Were reviewed at home and abroad in the future technology development trend of PCB manufacturing is basically consistent, namely to high density, high precision, small aperture, thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multiple stratification, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin, on the production at the same time to improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce pollution, to adapt to many varieties, small batch production.The technical development level of printed circuit is generally represented by the line width, aperture, thickness/aperture ratio on the printed circuit board.

 The printed circuit board was created by Paul Eisler, an Austrian who first adopted it on the radio in 1936.In 1943, americans began using the technology for military radios, and in 1948, the invention was officially approved for commercial use.Printed circuit boards have only been in widespread use since the mid-1950s.

 Before the advent of PCB, the interconnection of electronic components was completed by direct connection of wires.Today, wires are used only for laboratory applications;Printed circuit board in the electronics industry has certainly occupied the position of absolute control.


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 You need to contact the manufacturer first, then register the customer number, and someone will give you a quote, place an order, and follow up on the production schedule.

 Second, the cutting

 Objective: according to the requirement of project data MI, to cut into small pieces on the large sheet.According to the customer's requirements of small board.

 Process: big board material, cut board according to MI request, curium board, beer rounded edge grinding, out board





Objective: according to the engineering data, drill the desired hole diameter at the corresponding position on the sheet material with the required size.

 Procedure: laminated plate pin, upper plate, drilling hole, lower plate, inspection and repair

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