Tennis Ball Machine Pcb Board

Tennis Ball Machine Pcb Board

DK Thickness:0.076 to 6.00mm Board Thickness Tolerance:±10% Laser drill hole size:0.1mm

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Tennis ball machine pcb board 

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The full name of AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) is automatic optical inspection. Its main purpose is to detect common defects encountered in welding production. It is a kind of equipment based on optical principle. AOI is a new type of testing technology that has only emerged in recent years, but its development momentum is very fierce. At present, many manufacturers have introduced AOI test equipment. When it is automatically detected, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the solder joints tested with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are checked, and the defects are displayed/marked through the display or automatic signs. Come out for repair by maintenance personnel. Monitor the final state of the product as it moves off the production line. This is a priority when production issues are clear, product mix is high, quantity and speed are key factors. The AOI is usually placed at the very end of the production line. In this position, the device can generate a wide range of process control information.


Use inspection equipment to monitor the production process. Detailed defect classification and component placement offset information is typically included. Manufacturers prioritize this goal when product reliability is important, low-mixing high-volume manufacturing, and component supply are stable. This often requires placing inspection equipment at several locations on the production line, monitoring specific production conditions online, and providing the necessary basis for adjustments in the production process. On ICT, the probability of defects relative to these conditions is directly proportional to the severity of the situation. Slightly less tin rarely causes defects, while serious conditions, such as Wuxi at all, almost always cause defects in ICT. Insufficient solder can be a cause of missing components or open solder joints. Still, deciding where to place the AOI requires recognizing that component loss may occur for other reasons, and these reasons must be placed in the inspection plan. This location check supports process tracking and characterization directly. Quantitative process control data for this phase includes print offset and solder volume information, and qualitative information about the printed solder is also generated.

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 The inspection is done after the component is placed in the solder paste on the board and before the PCB is fed into the reflow oven. This is a typical location where the inspection machine is placed, as most of the defects from solder paste printing and machine placement can be found here. The quantitative process control information generated at this location provides information on the calibration of the high speed slicer and the fine pitch component placement equipment. This information can be used to modify component placement or to indicate that the placement machine needs calibration. This location check meets the goal of the process tracking. Checking at the final step of the SMT process is currently the most popular choice for AOI, as this location can detect all assembly errors. Post-reflow inspection provides a high degree of safety because it identifies errors caused by solder paste printing, component placement, and reflow processes. As everyone in the SMT industry knows, AOI equipment is an optical inspection device that usually has the same size and weight as other equipment in the industry. If the AOI equipment is placed in the workshop together with other SMT equipment, the visual AOI equipment will not be special. Readers must have found that, so continue to express, the next thing is that AOI equipment is just like the real SMT industry equipment, it is a bit sad.

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In the soldering between the component legs of the board and the solder, we can use the screwdriver to press the solder joint to protrude the component foot. If the component foot can move, it means that it is soldered. If there is a virtual solder joint between the solder joint and the pad, under normal circumstances, we can press down on the circuit board component, which will cause the circuit board component to loosen, then it is a virtual solder. In the circuit board, the virtual solder is divided into two basic types. Situation: It is welding. In the face of this situation, we need to use a multimeter to check whether it is conductive. It is not easy to find the problem. If there is vibration or external force, because the welding surface is small, it is easy to take off welding. It is easy to find. It is the circuit board that has no soldering at all. The simple understanding is that the solder and solder joints are not soldered, but it is simply touched. In the case of this situation, the first thing we need to do is to see if the cleaning of the soldering surface is sufficient. If it is cleaned, the multimeter also shows that we need to apply a certain external force to the welded component. 


If it is not loose, it can be judged as no Virtual welding. In addition, the solder joints can be directly observed. If the solder joints are not well fitted, the solder joints are not well fitted. It can be seen that the two methods can be found together. At the same time, it is not easy to judge. Take a re-welding method to avoid welding a solder joint quickly. To avoid the false soldering, it is mainly necessary to clean and tin the soldering surfaces separately. It is best not to use solder paste for cleaning. Because it contains acidic materials, it may corrode the component leads in the future, causing solder joints and cleaning off the oxides. It is easy to weld the soldering surface first, and it is easy to solder, and it is not easy to produce solder joints. Show conduction. The cleaning is not good. If there is oxide on the surface, it may not be displayed. At this time, the multimeter cannot check the solder joint accurately.


 The raw materials of PCB are very common in our lives. It is composed of glass fiber and resin. The two kinds combine to harden to form a board that is insulated, insulated, and not easily bent. This is the board substrate. Generally, a PCB substrate made of glass fiber and resin cannot transmit signals, so we cover the surface with a layer of copper, so we also call the PCB substrate a copper-clad circuit board. PCB is mainly to provide interconnection between electronic components. Color is not directly related to its performance. The difference in color does not affect the electrical performance. The performance of the board is determined by factors such as the material used, the layout and the number of layers of the board. However, in the process of making a circuit board, black is the most likely to cause chromatic aberration. If the raw materials and manufacturing processes used by the pcb circuit board manufacturers are slightly deviated, the defect rate of the PCB circuit board will increase due to chromatic aberration. This will increase production costs. Since the black PCB's circuit traces are difficult to identify, it will increase the difficulty of repair and debugging during the R&D and after-sales phases. Generally, if there is no strong RD (R&D) designer and a strong maintenance team, the black PCB will not be easily used. of. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand's confidence in the RD design and the post-maintenance team. From the side, it is also a reflection of the confidence of pcb circuit board manufacturers.

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