Timer pcb circuit board

Timer pcb circuit board

PCB Test:Test-rig,Flying Probe Test Silkscreen:White PCBA Test:X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test Application:LED,medical,industrial Device Testing points:4000

Product Details

Product basic information:

Goods classification: multilayer PCB

Pcb board information: single-sided multilayer circuit board material 6061 1.6mm 2oz, single-sided black solder mask, white characters, heavy gold, holes and substrate conduction,

Board size of the circuit board: 84.2 * 127.2MM

Order quantity: 700pcs

Production process: lead-free process

Production process: smt + dip + test + packaging


Experience in designing timer circuit boards, is a one-stop service manufacturer for timer circuit boards

Various reliable component procurement channels allow us to provide our customers with quality and cost-effective PCB manufacturers

1. Have experienced professional engineers and technical staff support

2. All RoHS-compliant components and lead-free assembly and soldering processes

3. Professional customer service to ensure that customers easily communicate and understand, and quickly get the products they expect, and accurately accept OEM and ODM orders


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