Double-sided Pcb Clone

Double-sided Pcb Clone

Double-sided Pcb Clone printing can produce high quality and high efficiency machine, but the cost has also gone up, which can be through the hole to connect the front and back and can also be used as a plug-in.

Product Details

Process description of the cloned board

The double-sided Pcb clone printing process is copied by reading out the number of layers of the board, the type of components, the direction of the board, and the processing of the board. The cloning of the board is risky, with a success rate of 85%, complicated. Board cloning costs are different.

Double-sided Pcb clone products are widely used in medical equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, smart home, 5G communication and control systems.

The process of cloning a board: preparing 1-3 boards, program copying, copying success, mass production

Pcba manufacturing equipment

Packaging: Standard export carton packing or packing according to the customer's requirement

Shipping:3-15 days by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.

pcb company

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