Pcb solder mount infrared transponder

Pcb solder mount infrared transponder

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Pcb solder mount infrared transponder OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Smart Home Pcba production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Product introduction of infrared transponder pcb board:

1. Infrared Repeater Pcba is a stand-alone board with interconnected electrical and electronic components. The circuit is made of a layer of micro-conductive material deposited on the outside of an insulating plate called a substrate. Separate components are located on the surface of the substrate and soldered to the connected circuitry. In the hole technique, each component consists of thin leads that are pressed into small holes in the substrate and soldered to the connection plates in the back circuit.

2. The punching of the infrared transponder pcb board has been milled, V-cut and chamfered. It has passed UL, CE, FCC, Rohs certified PCB board assembly. It compresses and heats the layers as they are produced until they are joined together. In order to establish the interlayer connection, the machine deposited a thin layer of chemical copper on the wall. During this binding process, the laser must be used to punch holes before using the CNC milling machine. The surface mount design of the infrared transponder pcb board has been verified by significantly reducing the PCB production cost.

Pcba manufacturing equipment

The basic materials for the board are: FR-4 / HASL lead-free material / CEM-3, aluminum, Rogers, ceramics

Copper thickness: 1-8oz

Pc board thickness: 0.2-8.5mm

Minimum aperture of pcb: 0.2mm

Minimum line width: 3 mil

Minimum line spacing: 3 mil

Surface treatment: HASL, ENIG, immersion silver, immersion tin

Overview: Milling, V-groove, bevel punch

Solder mask color: blue

Peelable mask: top, bottom and double


Product specifications:


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