GPS GSM Vehicle Tracker PCBA

GPS GSM Vehicle Tracker PCBA

Smart Bes High Tech OEM 2G 3G 4G LTE GPS GSM vehicle Tracker PCB/PCBA

Product Details

GPS GSM Vehicle Tracker PCBA

Focus on vehicle tracking PCB manufacturing factory, has now cooperated with hundreds of car loan companies, to provide stable GPS locator PCB printing and vehicle monitoring platform control motherboard.

PCB manufacturing

Shenzhen FASTPCBA is an enterprise specializing in the OEM processing of circuit boards, with a strong technical team of circuit boards and a group of young social elites, committed to the manufacturing of electronic products.

Companies adhering to do processing is to do service business policy, and customers grow together.Scientific management, perfect service, brand - new quality concept, processing products once the acceptance rate reached 99.5%.

The company is equipped with automatic printing machine, Japanese panasonic patch machine, YAMAHA multifunctional machine, AOI detector, 16 temperature zone reflow welding, high equipment and instrument configuration, flexibility, can maximize to meet customer needs.Factory SMT processing daily output of more than 2 million points, all kinds of electronic components QFP, BGA and other shaped components (minimum mount 0201) can be SMT processing.

The company DIP is equipped with automatic wave soldering, belt pulling and semi-automatic plug-in wire to meet customers' different needs.

The company can provide OEM materials for all customers, to maximize the savings in customer production time, to create the greatest value for customers!

SMT processing

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