Sine wave inverter pcb ssembly

Sine wave inverter pcb ssembly

Item:oem service Application:Industrial Name:SMT pcb assembly with oem service PCB Item:OEM Testing Service:Function Test

Product Details

FASTPCBA provides cost-effective high-quality one-stop manufacturing services from PCB assembly to plastic and metal parts

1.PCB layout, design, manufacturing, component purchase, final assembly and functional test

2.PCB manufacturing and assembly process with up to 20 layers

3. Lead-free SMT process

4.Provide three-proof paint process

5. Able to flexibly process small batch pcb and large batch pcb

Industrial applications for circuit boards: for networking, communications and industrial control

Product type: SMT, through-hole BGA, COB plastic die-casting sheet X-ray and ICT test according to IPC 610 manufacturing standard


Basic information of the product:

Goods classification: multilayer double-sided PCBA

Circuit board material information: rigid MCPCB 6061 1.6MM 2OZ black oil white letter sinking gold hole and substrate conduction

PCB board requirements: The surface of the PCB with black oil soldering must not be scratched, damaged, etc. Operate in accordance with the "PCB Inspection Standard".

Product post-furnace quality inspection: 1. Tin solder on the pad: The tin solder on the heat sink pad at the bottom of the SMD LED must reach more than 80n, and less than 80% is a defective product. Each time, it needs to be checked. Pick up and conduct random inspection at 3% in batches.

2. LED surface requirements: The fluorescent layer on the surface of the LED must not be damaged. If it is slightly damaged, it is defective.

3. When a single product process requires testing, it must be tested for open circuit and power on)

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