Sine wave inverter pcb ssembly

Sine wave inverter pcb ssembly

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Sine wave inverter pcb ssembly





From the perspective of product structure, the production of medium and low-rise boards is still dominated. Although FPC and HDI grow rapidly, their proportion is still not high due to small base.Thirdly, most of China's PCB production equipment relies on imports, and some of the core raw materials can only rely on imports. The incomplete industrial chain also hinders the development of domestic PCB series enterprises.

Thanks to the continuous support of new terminal products and new markets, the global PCB market has successfully recovered and grown.According to Hong Kong circuit board association (HKPCA), the global PCB market will develop smoothly in 2011 and is expected to grow by 6-9%, while China is expected to grow by 9-12%.An analysis by the Taiwan institute of industry and research (IEK) predicted that global PCB output would increase by 10.36 per cent to $4.615bn in 2011.






According to the analysis data of prison mark company and the report released by industrial securities r&d center, changes in PCB application structure and product structure reflect the future development trend of the industry.Come with single/double panel, sandwich plate decline in output, HDI board, sealing the increase of the load board, soft board output, showed that applied to computer motherboards, communication backplane, car plate in the areas of growth is slower, and applied to high-end mobile phones, laptops and other "lightweight" electronics HDI board, packaging board and soft board will also maintain rapid growth.



According to the American printed circuit board association (IPC), the north American overall printed circuit board maker's book-to-bill ratio was 0.95 in February 2011, meaning that for every $100 shipped that month, only $95 worth of new orders were received.B/B was below 1 for the fifth month in a row, and there was no substantial improvement in industry sentiment in North America.

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