Fr4 Material Pcb Assembly

Fr4 Material Pcb Assembly

Shenzhen Fr4 Material Pcb Assembly One-stop PCB and PCBA manufacturer, components sourcing and assembly 1. Our company through TS16949: 2009 quality system certification, exports of processed products comply with European standards 2. There is no minimum order quantity restrictions, full support...

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Fr4 Material Pcb Assembly


PCB Assembly

1. Solder Paste Brush/ Apply:

It is said more than 80% assembly issues came from solder paste process.

Would you like to know how our FastPCBA do and control the solder paste step? Contact us freely, let’s show you in details.

2. Handling:

How does for your supplier handle the ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and moisture sensitive components? Are there equipment and proper controls to cover this?

Well, our FastPCBA has strict ESD control system;

While we have moisture buster cabinet to store those sensitive components to ensure you our highly carry about quality.

3. Reflow:

Not only a good knowledge for the assembly process is required, but also an intimate search of component data-sheets is necessary for engineers setup the reflow machines.

4. Cleaning:

How a PCB cleaned can again affect components. During the cleaning process, there should be a drying and protection process as well, make sure it’s sufficient dry out the boards, and keep those necessary components from cleaning.

5. Inspection:

100% AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) is used at our FastPCBA factory, while we’ll use X-ray or specialist visual equipment if necessary. Depending on different types of the PCBA boards.







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