Rohs Single-sided Led Pcb Assembly

Rohs Single-sided Led Pcb Assembly

Ce Rigid Rohs Solar Charger Light Smart Watch 94V0 Rohs Pcb Board

Product Details

Product classification: 6 layers of lead-free rigid PCBA

Pcb sheet information: 106*92MM/4PCS, 6 layers FR4, TG170, plate thickness 2.0MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, green oil white characters, single piece size 45*45MM.

Pcb industry application: led controller


One-stop PCB assembly (PCBA) service / PCB board

What can we do?

1. PCB manufacturing: Supply FR4 PCB, aluminum-based PCB, FPC, rigid-Flex PCB, Rogers PCB manufacturing services

2. Parts procurement: To meet the various requirements of customers, we can buy various brands of ICs, resistors, capacitors, inductors and so on.

3. PCB assembly

SMT and through hole assembly fine pitch

RoHS Compliance Conference QFN and BGA Conference

Turnkey PCB assembly BGA X-ray inspection

Prototype PCB assembly AOI test

Small batch PCB assembly function test

pcb assembly

How do I place an order?

A. You can get a quote quickly through online message

B. Add WhatsApp to understand production details

C. Directly send quotation data to compare prices of different batches

Quote A is instant, quote B, C will reply within 30 minutes

PCB prototype

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