Rigid PCB electrical elevator photocell

Rigid PCB electrical elevator photocell

LED-PCBA, PCB, PCBA manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Rigid PCB Electrical Components, Flexied Circuit Board Electrical Board Design, Professional Customized Electronic Circuit Board Assembly with Cheap Price and so on.

Product Details

FASTPCBA Co., LTD is a competitive China rigid pcb electrical elevator photocell OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn rigid pcb electrical elevator photocell production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Rigid PCB electrical elevator photocell


Mode of Production: SMT+DIP+components

Certification: RoHS, CCC, ISO

Condition: New  sample 

Specification: Shenzhen FASTPCBA PCBA

HS Code: 853400090

Metal Coating: Copper pcb

Base Material: FR-4 pcb

Customized: OEM Customized service


Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Product Description:

Shenzhen FASTPCBA Co., Ltd. It is a PCB and PCBA manufacturer with rich experience in Shenzhen, China. After several years of manufacturing development and internal improvement, the company has established major businesses in three main areas. Among them are printed circuit board (bare board) services, PCBA solder assembly and component material procurement. We support production from prototype PCBs to small to medium batches, and we are able to guarantee complete PCBA service through technical support, providing low cost and high quality supply continuity.


In order to make PCBA, customers only need to provide us with a Gerber file and a list of components (bom). Component procurement is one of the most distinctive services our FASTPCBA can offer. IC, battery, resistor, capacitor, chip, fuse, LCD, transformer, LED diode, connector, sensor, etc. We have a large inventory, component procurement price we have very good, and our quality is very good, before going online We will perform 100% performance testing on components to ensure our product qualification rate.


Our PCBA features and services: SMT / THT / DIP.

1. Component procurement services (common resistors and capacitors have a large inventory, and the price is very low)

2. SMT assembly and through-hole component insertion (smt+dip)

3. IC pre-programming / online PCB burning

4. Perform functional tests according to different needs of customers.

5. Complete pcba components (including plastic, metal box, coil, cable inside, etc.)

6. Packaging design

7. Shell forming service

Pcba manufacturing equipment

Why choose us?

Our manufacturing capabilities and quality control capabilities are ISO 9001 certified.

   All of our PCB / PCBA are ISO certified, the cars are certified by IATF16949, and the medical products are ISO13485 certified and RoHS compliant.

Our principle is very simple, "to be wholehearted, to make technology better."

Our advantage is unique, "One-stop experience of PCB and PCBA one-stop"

Our goal is achievable, "become the most reliable PCB and PCBA supplier."

Our positioning is clear, "focus on prototypes and small and medium-sized PCBA manufacturing operations"

Product sindustry application

Our process is simple:

pcb process

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