Rigid Pcb Board Manufacturing

Rigid Pcb Board Manufacturing

Professional PCBA factory rigid pcb board manufacturing and assembly FASTPCBA has been selected as the “excellent partner of the year” by numerous well-known enterprises, and won many domestic and authorized certifications at home and abroad, such as Chinese high-tech project certification, ISO...

Product Details

Rigid Pcb Board Manufacturing

Basic information about the product:

Product Name: L4Y-5052 (Overal PCB)

Circuit board use: POS machine

Pcb information: double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.0MM, copper thickness 2OZ, immersion gold, green oil white, single piece size 35.5*17.51MM

Number of boards and unit of measure: 4000pcs

Production cycle: 12 days

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Product process description:

Production process: lead-free process

Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM

Reflow soldering temperature control: welding maximum temperature is 240-243 ° C, super 230 ° C welding time control 40-60S.

Board welding method: hand soldering,

1. The height of the solder joint is 1mmt0.5mm;

2. The diameter of the solder joint is 4mm. There must be no solder joints such as tin tips and voids. The PCB board should not be exposed;

3. Before welding, high-temperature adhesive tape should be applied to protect the copper foil pad that is not soldered, to prevent the surface contamination caused by the splash of solder and dross, resulting in difficulty in cleaning.

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