Rigid Flex Pcb prototype

Rigid Flex Pcb prototype

rigid flex pcb pcb manufacturing process The birth and development of FPC and PCB has given birth to a new product of soft and hard board. Therefore, the soft and hard bonding board is a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board, which are combined by pressing processes and the like...

Product Details

Rigid Flex Pcb prototype

Basic information about the product:

Specifications Model: Single-sided FR4 circuit board, material 6061, 1.6mm, 2oz, single-sided black solder mask, white characters, immersion gold, hole and substrate conduction, board size: 178mm*178mm

Order Quantity: 450pcs

Manufacturing Process: Using Lead-Free Solder Paste

SMT points: 0

DIP points: 0

Pure pcb board, no smt link

Cleaning requirements: board cleanliness is performed according to the three-level standard.

Cleaning method: moving the soldering iron area requires manual cleaning

PCB prototype

Pcb board model: ROK40IR

PCB board requirements: Black oil solder mask PCB surface can not be scratched, damaged and other issues, in accordance with the "PCB inspection standards" operation, if there is a black oil PCB board, judged as defective.


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