Rigid/Flex PCB / Fast-Turn Prototype

Rigid/Flex PCB / Fast-Turn Prototype

PCB Board, PCB, FPC manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Rigid/Flex PCB / Fast-Turn Prototype and Mass-Poduction, 1-Layer Aluminum LED PCB, 1-Layer Multilayer FPC Board, 1oz ED and so on.

Product Details

FASTPCBA Co., LTD is a competitive China rigid/flex pcb / fast-turn prototype OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn rigid/flex pcb / fast-turn prototype production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Rigid/Flex PCB / Fast-Turn Prototype Basic Info:

Model: PCB-5723

Board material: FR-4 board

Application: Medical Electronics

Mechanical rigidity: rigidity / flexibility

Substrate: copper


PCB hole size: 0.2mm

Wire mesh: white

Certification: RoHS, UL, ISO

Type: rigid board

Material: Glass fiber epoxy resin

Flame retardant performance: V0

Processing technology: delayed pressure foil

Insulation material: epoxy resin

Certificate: RoHS; UL; Ts16949; ISO9001: ISO14001

Solder mask: green

Surface treatment: smt

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Product Description

The hole metallization of rigid-flex PCBs which including Drill, Desmear, electroless plating,Electrical plating, is a key process in the manufacturing of rigid-flex PCBs

Solder mask

Min solder mask dam: (a) 0.0635mm (2.5mil)

Solder mask clearance: (b) 0.075mm (3mil)

Min SMT pad spacing: (c) 0.075mm (3mil)

Solder mask thickness: 0.0007" (0.018mm)

Pcba one-stop factory

Company Profile:

Founded in 2007, FASTPCBA is a high quality PCB manufacturer. We specialize in producing 1 to 48 layers of double-sided/single-sided PCBA from low to high volume, and we also produce HDI boards. Our products are used in automotive, medical, industrial, communications equipment and other industrial products.

Pcba manufacturing equipment

We have two factories with a total area of 67,200 square meters. It has 180 workers and more than 50 pcba production equipment imported from Japan and Sweden. It mainly develops flexible rigid plates and metal core plates, mainly serving medium and high-end technology electronic products.

Our engineering department consists of 20 employees with an average of 15 years of experience, some of which are from Huawei and ZTE. They can provide customers with professional design solutions and can design samples according to customer requirements within five days. In addition, we employ 25 QC personnel with an average of eight years of experience using 10 imported QC machines. Due to our stringent requirements, our products comply with CE standards and RoHS directives. We source our main welding materials from Japan and abroad. Our quality is very good, our complaint rate of more than 200 customers is less than 0.2%.

We have fast turnkey PCB / PCBA services, sample orders take only 48 hours, and volume production takes 5 to 12 days. Our main export markets are North America, Europe and South Asia. The service is handled by 20 export sales representatives with more than three years of experience, including experienced export clearance personnel. We can accept orders for just one item.

If you need to know more, please contact us immediately.

FASTPCBA cooperation case

production process :

pcb process

Zhang linkai do security electronic products of Japanese customers to visit

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