Circuit board maker Rigid Flex Pcb

Circuit board maker Rigid Flex Pcb

profession Rigid Flex Pcb Manufacturing The hard and soft printed circuit board structure is suitable for applications where a few rigid boards are connected in a limited space with multi-directional wiring (MulTI-Dimensional Wiring). Most of the hard and soft printed circuit boards use a single...

Product Details

Circuit board maker Rigid Flex Pcb

Basic information about the product:

Product Classification: PCBA

Circuit board use: fixed speed

Product Name: 1085072 - CAT 310

Pcb information: double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, single piece size 104.2*120.6MM

Order Quantity: 500pcs

Delivery time: 3 days

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Order information:

Process flow: smt+dip+ test + packaging

Use solder paste: KOKI -S3X58-M406-3

Process technology: lead-free process

Solder Paste: Imported BGA Flux Lead-Free Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Inspection requirements: The general standard is implemented at IPC-610E-2 level. The first 3 pieces of PCB board with BGA IC must look at X-RAY.

SMT points: 70 DIP points: 18

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