Rigid Electronic Pcb Board Assembly

Rigid Electronic Pcb Board Assembly

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  1. Rigid Electronic Pcb Board Assembly is accomplished by creating a substrate having a copper trace layer sandwiched between insulating layers. The top insulation protects the board from short circuits between copper traces and other nearby electrical hazards. Its outer screen printing is used to place the components and their pins, labels, branding, and sometimes even instructions for use.

  2. At the time of the production of Rigid Electronic Pcb Board Assembly, the machine collected copper trace designs from Gerber files to create a transparencies with PCB design negative printouts. The transparent portion depicts the copper trace and the copper area to be removed is blacked out. A layer of photosensitive photoresist is placed on each copper foil according to the intent of the PCB, and the film is placed thereon. The area where the copper trace should be will allow UV light to pass through and polymerize the photoresist material covering it.

  3. In the process of making Rigid Electronic Pcb Board Assembly, we will introduce the PCB into the chemical solution to remove the unpolymerized photoresist, leaving the positive or negative photoresist material where the copper traces are located. The PCB is placed in an etchant solution to remove uncovered copper. Finally, the polymeric photoresist that protects the copper traces is chemically removed so that you have a rigid PCB circuit.

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