Rearview Monitor Circuit Board

Rearview Monitor Circuit Board

Rearview monitor circuit board The pores of PCBA soldering, that is blisters we often talked about, are generally produced when boards go through reflow soldering and wave soldering. So how to improve PCBA soldering blister problem? 1. Bake Baking the PCB and Components which exposed in the air...

Product Details

Product Details Specifications/Special Features:

Base material:FR4           

Mini Width/space:4mil/4mil


Copper thickness:1OZ

Surface finishing:HASL lead free    

Solder Mask:Blue

Pcb Board Thickness:1.6mm       

Silkscreen: White  

Testing points:6000     

Mini Hole:0.15mm  


FASTPCBA can provide you with the best electronics manufacturing services:

1. PCB production services. Materials are (FR-4, HI-TG, aluminum, FPC, TEFLON, CEM-1)

2.Pcb light board engraving service

3. PCB assembly services. (SMT, BGA, DIP)

4. IC program with HEX file.

5. PCBA shell assembly service.

6. PCBA final functional test.

7. PCB PCBA replication service.

8. Electronic component procurement and BOM inventory procurement services.

9.PCB SMT mold. (laser cutting and etching)

10. Cable assembly


FASTPCBA quality control management standards:

1. Implementation of national standards ISO9001: 2016 quality management

2.IQC 100% incoming inspection

3. Inner layer 100% AOI inspection

4. Copper thickness is measured by OXFORD

5.100% dry film and solder mask retouch

6. IPC-6012B controls PCB performance

7.IPC-A-600G quality standard acceptance

8. UL certification level 94V-0

Product sindustry application

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