Rc Drone Circuit Board And Assembly

Rc Drone Circuit Board And Assembly

PCBA Test:X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test Application:LED,medical,industrial Device Testing points:4000 Precision:01005

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Rc drone circuit board and assembly



In SMT factories, static electricity is a form of electrical energy that remains on the surface of an object and is the result of the loss of balance of positive and negative charges in a local area, through the conversion of electrons or ions.Normally, objects are non-electrical to each other, and when two objects rub against each other, some of the electrons in one object are transferred to another object, and the object loses electrons and becomes "positively charged," while the other object gains electrons with a "negative charge."Electric charge cannot be created, nor can it be lost, it can only be transferred from one object to another.Static electricity is the general term for the electric phenomena produced by the generation and disappearance of electric charge.

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Generally, objects have equal positive and negative charges, so they are not electronegative. However, if two objects of different materials contact or electrostatic induction lead to the transfer of charges, which results in electrical properties.


There are many ways to generate static electricity, such as contact and friction between two objects, electrolysis, temperature difference, and so on.There are two main forms
Kind: friction produces static electricity and induction produces static electricity.

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In daily production and life, people often feel the phenomenon of friction electrification.Friction electrification is usually divided into two processes: discharge contact with an electron transfer process.When two objects come into contact, a "double electric layer" is formed at the interface.The process of friction and separation of electricity.When two objects come into contact and quickly separate, some of the transferred electrons have no time to return to the object where they came from, which makes one object negatively charged due to excess electrons, and another positively charged due to lack of electrons.


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In fact, as long as two different objects come into contact and separate, static electricity is generated, and the heat generated by friction provides energy for electron transfer, which greatly enhances the electrostatic effect.Friction produces static electricity mainly between insulators.
When a conductor is near a charged body, a different charge is induced on the surface of the charged body, while a similar charge is induced on the surface of the charged body.
The above electrostatic knowledge summarized in SMT processing factory, please pay attention to the partner who works in the electronics factory.


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