Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

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Product Details

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: MODLCD SensorJoint

Pcb board industry application: car converter

Pcb sheet information: 4Layers, FR4 TG170, 1.6mm, 1/1/1/1oz, ENIG

Board inspection requirements: 9 inspection procedures for full inspection

IQC material inspection: The material number P1-P6, P7, P8 is the connector and needs to be tested for high temperature resistance.

Solder paste brand: lead-free, KOKI lead-free solder paste

circuit board

Substrate: FR4, FR1, CEM3, aluminum, tantalum

Copper thickness: 1oz~4oz

Plate thickness: 0.5~3.2mm

Minimum opening size: 0.15mm

Minimum line width: 0.08mm

Minimum line spacing: 0.08mm

Surface treatment: lead-free HASL

Number of layers: 1~48 layers

Maximum panel size: 541 * 447mm

Finished hole size: PTH +/- 0.003'', NPTH +/- 0.002

Minimum electroplated copper drill: 0.25mm, 0.66mm

Product packaging: anti-static bubble cotton + carton

pcb board

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