Pcb Board assembly circuit board company

Pcb Board assembly circuit board company

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive Pcb Board assembly circuit board company, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Pcb Board assembly circuit board company production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Pcb Board assembly circuit board company

Product Description:

94v-0 PCB printing is to assemble electronic components, plug-ins and other circuit components into SMC/SMD/ PCB, install them on the surface of the printed circuit board or other substrate, and weld and assemble them by reflow welding or dip welding.Then conduct AOI testing. FASTPCBA co., ltd. has been engaged in the assembly of printed circuit boards and circuit boards, and the procurement of components for more than 10 years, realizing the high density, high reliability, miniaturization and low cost of electronic product assembly.

94v-0 E170968 Rohs Pcb Board

FASTPCBA has extensive board assembly capability including:

  • Automated and manual fine pitch SMT.

  • Multi-layer printed circuit boards, flex boards

  • BGA with x-ray and rework capability. 

  • Lead-free Assembly 

  • Wave soldering. 

  • In circuit testing. 

  •  Functional testing. 

  • Conformal coating. 

  • Burn in. 

  • In-line AOI inspection system

  • XRAY Inspection AOI Test 

  • 1off and small batch builds. 


94v-0 E170968 Rohs Pcb Board

FASTPCBA Advantages:

1.the most advanced pcb&pcba machine (MYDATA&YAMAHA&GKG),20000 points per hour;

2.automatic reflow machine (Vitronics Soltec),8 temperature zones, mesh belt and track dc motor motor communication (controlled by software)

3.AOI machine: Aleader,Check the PCB range in (50*50-350*400) MM

4.X-RAY machine;Mainly detect the welding condition of invisible solder joints, such as BGA, QFN, module and other narrow-pitch integrated IC welding, whether the welding is short-circuited, welding bubble size

5.Paste, imported from Japan (KOKI);Mainly for some small components,0201,0402,BGA design,The excellent printing and welding properties of ultra-fine spacing and micro-components are realized

6.100%AOI testing &inspection;Each manufacturing process is tested


If you have any questions about PCB, please feel free to contact us.

94v-0 E170968 Rohs Pcb Board

Production parameters:

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