Printed Circuit Assembly 4 Layer Pcb

Printed Circuit Assembly 4 Layer Pcb

China pcba manufacturer printed circuit assembly 4 layer pcb The 4 Layer – Production Service is designed for multi-layer circuits. These PCBs include the green solder mask layers and a white silkscreen layer. This is our best value when ordering large quantities of 4-layer boards, having a low...

Product Details

Printed Circuit Assembly 4 Layer Pcb

Basic product info:

Circuit board application industry: crane

Product name: double-sided FR4, finished board thickness is recommended to be controlled by 1.6MM +/- 10%, copper thickness 2OZ, immersion gold, green oil white, single piece size 80*42.6MM;

Unit of measure: 560pcs

Delivery time: 7 days

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Circuit board manufacturing process: lead-free soldering

Furnace experiment: Wave soldering temperature is 255-260 degrees, and the penetrating temperature is 50%. After the DIP is completed, three labels must be attached. The first board production informed the product engineering on-site confirmation.

PCB prototype

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