Circuit board serial production china

Circuit board serial production china

The Composition of PCB (2) Hello every one. As we discussed before, here comes the second news for more info about bare pcb. Soldermask The layer on top of the copper foil is called the solder mask layer. This layer gives the PCB its green color. It is overlaid onto the copper layer to insulate...

Product Details

Product basic information:

Goods classification: PCBA

PCB product name: ISPM-A model board, 40A channel version specifications,

A total of 100 boards were produced in this batch

PCB size: 235 * 205MM

Pcb layers: 16 layers FR4

Board thickness: 2.0MM

Copper thickness: 1OZ, Shen gold, green oil white letters, impedance control

PCB production requirements: in the middle of the board, using laser screen printing on the PCB surface,

Sans Serif, height 60mil, line width 8mil board TOPOVERLAY silk screen layer requirements unchanged

PCB (2)

We provide the following services:

1.PCB layout and manufacturing

2. Parts procurement

3. PCB assembly with through hole and surface mount technology

4.Comprehensive component testing

5.Shell molding

6. Full-featured test

PCB prototype

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