Pcba Pcb Fabrication And Assembly

Pcba Pcb Fabrication And Assembly

Pcba pcb fabrication and assembly Single Layer VS Multi Layer PCBS When it comes to printed circuit boards, an immediate question before design is whether to use single or multi layered PCBs for your circuit. The benefit and use of each depends entirely on what you’re intending to do. First we...

Product Details

Why are we?

We have over 15 years of experience in providing OEM PCB manufacturing services.

Optimized supply chain management and operations.

Professional hardware and software design and engineering capabilities.

Flexible operation, fast response and overall satisfaction.

We have the ability to have more than 200 employees in China and provide cost-effective high-quality pcb one-stop manufacturing services

Good after-sales service and free maintenance


Product basic information:

Goods classification: PCBA

PCB sheet information: 14 layers of FR4, board thickness 2.54MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, blue oil white letters, single piece size 59.94 * 66.45MM

Order quantity: 500pcs

Production process: lead-free process

Use of solder paste: Ag0.3 / Cu0.7 / 20-38uM

DIP welding method: wave soldering, wave soldering temperature is 255-260 degrees, and tin penetration is above 50%

Product packaging: The carton should be protected with white pearl cotton around it, and it must have the effect of preventing shocks and crashes.


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