Double Sided Metal PCB

Double Sided Metal PCB

pcba maker fr4 circuit board

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Pcba Maker Fr4 Circuit Board


In order to improve location precision and speed of base circle in PCB ( Printed Circuit Board) detecting, an algorithm for circle subpixel location detection was presented. 


MaterialLaminate materialFR4, Alu, CEM3,Taconic,Rogers
Board cuttingNumber of layers1-58

Min.Thickness for inner layers 

(Cu thickness are excluded)

Board thicknessStandard0.04-0.16''±10%(0.1-4mm±10%)
MinSingle/Double layer:0.008±0.004''
Bow and twist<7/1000
Copper weightouter Cu weight 0.5-4 oz
inner Cu weight 0.5-3 oz
Min size0.0078''(0.2mm)
Drill deviation±0.002''(0.05mm)
PTH hole tolerance±0.002''(0.005mm)
NPTH Hole tolerance±0.002''(0.005mm)
PlatingMin hole size
Aspect ratio20(5 :1)
Solder maskColorGreen,white,black,red,yellow,blue
Min solder mask clearance0.003''(0.07mm)

PCB printed Description:

Double Sided Metal PCB is used in many advanced high-tech applications. These PCBs are used for prototype and production circuits. A conventional printed circuit board has a substrate of a non-conductive material on which a metal layer is placed. However, the Double Sided Metal PCB has an additional metal layer on the bottom of the substrate. Double Sided Metal PCBs are used in a wide range of modern electronic applications. The combination of technical expertise and industry experience gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors.

Double Sided Metal PCB

Pcb Features:

Component Density: The PCB has an extra conductor layer to add more tracks. These tracks will help connect the components on both sides. By freeing up space, designers can do a lot of experimentation. This design flexibility allows our designers to meet the stringent requirements of custom PCBs.

Cooling: These boards last longer than single-sided boards because the extra metal core helps to dissipate more quickly.

Compact circuit: Increasing component density helps reduce PCB size. As a result, we are able to offer compact size boards at a cost effective price.

Double Sided Metal PCB

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