Pcb Soldering Electronic Assembly

Pcb Soldering Electronic Assembly

Electronic products are an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones to cars, everything includes electronic components. At the heart of these electronics is a printed circuit board, also known as a Pcb Soldering Electronic Assembly.

Product Details

pcb soldering electronic assembly services


PCB Specification:





Laminate material

FR4, Alu, CEM3,Taconic,Rogers

Board cutting

Number of layers


Min.Thickness for inner layers 

(Cu thickness are excluded)


Board thickness




Single/Double layer:0.008±0.004''

Bow and twist


Product description:

Technology electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones to cars to military electronics, everything is inseparable from the operation of electronics, including the operation of electronic components. At the heart of these electronic devices is printed circuit boards, also known as Pcb soldered electronic components. FASTPCBA can provide circuit board printing assembly services for technology electronic products, from etching lines to light boards, pcb boards to pcba finished circuit board processing, and a one-to-one pair of engineers to ensure the quality of products.

Pcba one-stop factory

The customer's biggest concern

1. What electronic services do you have?

We can make a full set of services from pcb production, pcba assembly, component procurement, test guarantee, certification customization and so on.

2. How is your efficiency?

We have high-precision high-speed welding equipment, which are imported from abroad and fully automatic products, greatly improving the efficiency of the products.

3. Do you support a small number of projects?

Support, we have no order quantity, one piece can also be produced

Pcba manufacturing equipment

Production process of FASTPCBA:

pcb process

our case:

We have made electronic circuit board products for well-known brands such as automobiles (Audi, Honda), medical, security monitoring, industrial control, smart home.

FASTPCBA cooperation case

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