PCB For Smart Home Switch

PCB For Smart Home Switch

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China PCB For Smart Home Switch OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn PCB For Smart Home Switch production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Basic information about the product:

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: Gate Driver Board

Pcb board industry application: intelligent switch system

Pcb sheet information:

6 layers FR4, plate thickness 1.5MM, immersion gold, green oil white characters, copper thickness 1OZ, size: 390*206MM

Order Quantity: 3800pcs

Product packaging: red anti-static bubble cotton


Product features of intelligent switch system board:

The top of the Smart Home Switch's PCB shows a mixture of through-hole and surface mount components. Resistors and transformers are components that people would like to see in switchgear. The bottom part shows all surface mount components, RF PCB antennas and some tinned traces. Additional tin plating of the traces allows for more current conduction. The surface treatment of PCBs for smart home switches is HAL, lead-free HAL, ENIG, gold-plated, immersion gold, OSP. This product is mainly used in home smart switches to ensure the normal and safe operation of the switch. We are a one-stop manufacturer of PCBs and PCBAs, so we can provide you with a complete service for PCBs for smart home switches. One-stop PCB assembly services include PCB cloning, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, component procurement, PCBA functional testing and design solutions.

PCB prototype

Product display:


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