Pcba Electronic Board Assembly

Pcba Electronic Board Assembly

Pcba Electronic Board Assembly is a board obtained after all printed solder paste on the PCB is then mounted with various components (such as resistors, integrated circuits), capacitors and any other components (such as transformers), depending on the application and circuit The required characteristics of the board. PCBA typically undergoes reflow oven heating to establish a mechanical connection between the PCB and the component.

Product Details

pcb pcba electronic board assembly

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MaterialLaminate materialFR4, Alu, CEM3,Taconic,Rogers
Board cuttingNumber of layers1-58

Min.Thickness for inner layers 

(Cu thickness are excluded)

Board thicknessStandard0.04-0.16''±10%(0.1-4mm±10%)
MinSingle/Double layer:0.008±0.004''
Bow and twist<7/1000
Copper weightouter Cu weight 0.5-4 oz
inner Cu weight 0.5-3 oz
Min size0.0078''(0.2mm)
Drill deviation±0.002''(0.05mm)
PTH hole tolerance±0.002''(0.005mm)
NPTH Hole tolerance±0.002''(0.005mm)
PlatingMin hole size
Aspect ratio20(5 :1)
Solder maskColorGreen,white,black,red,yellow,blue
Min solder mask clearance0.003''(0.07mm)
SilkscreenColor Green,white,black,red,blue....
Min size0.006''(0.15mm)
E-testFlying probe testerY

How to assemble a circuit board

Board assembly is a process used in the electronics industry to solder or insert various electronic components, integrated circuits, etc. into a blank circuit board for quality inspection and testing to ensure complete circuit connections.

Blank boards are manufactured based on customer PCB files (gerber) and bom tables. Therefore, there are no electronic components on the whiteboard, only a variety of pads. After the installation is completed, the plug is installed, ie SMT, that is, the electronic parts are soldered to the pads, and then the DIP plug-in is required for processing to complete the entire soldering process.


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