Pcb Driver Printed Circuit Board

Pcb Driver Printed Circuit Board

Inner packing:Vaccum packing/ Plastic bag Outer packing:Standard carton bag Surface Finishing:ENIG Solder mask:Green/black/white/red/blue/yellow

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Pcb driver printed circuit board



FASTPCBA is currently processing printed circuit board products including: aviation, aerospace, military products; new energy vehicle charging piles; intelligent Internet of things; automated robots; high-speed rail, subway-related; environmental testing equipment; photoelectric signal transmission products; ...

The company was established to address the challenges facing the PCB printing electronics industry:

1. Match the miniaturization trend facing the electronics industry and the emerging PCB packaging assembly process.

2. Pursuit of zero defects in the board without rework.

3. Ensure the long-term reliability of pcba electronic products.



The definition of processing level is not clear
The single panel is designed on the TOP layer. If it is not done in a positive or negative way, it may be difficult to solder the plate with the device.
Large area of copper foil is too close to the outer frame
Large area of copper foil should be at least 0.2mm away from the outer frame, because when milling the shape, such as milling on copper foil easy to cause the copper foil warping and resistance solder off problems.


3. Draw the pad with filling block
The filling block is designed to pass DRC inspection in circuit design, but is not suitable for processing. Therefore, the type of welding pad cannot directly generate resistance welding data. When soldering flux is on, the filling block area will be covered by resistance soldering agent, resulting in the device welding difficulty.
Fourth, the electric formation is also the flower welding plate and the connection
The layer is the opposite of the actual printed plate figure. All connections are isolated lines. When drawing several sets of power supplies or several types of ground isolation lines, care should be taken not to leave any gap.  


Characters are scrambled
The SMD welding strip of character cover welding pad brings inconvenience to the PCB on - break test and component welding.Character design is too small, making screen printing difficult, too large to overlap the characters, difficult to distinguish.
The surface mount parts pad is too short
This is for the on-off test. For the over-tight surface mount device, the distance between the two legs is relatively small, and the welding pad is also very thin. The mounting of the test needle must be in an up and down staggered position.




Vii. Single side welding disc aperture setting
The single face pad is generally not drilled. If the hole needs to be marked, the hole diameter shall be designed to be zero.If the numerical value is designed, the hole coordinates will appear at this position when the borehole data is generated, and problems will arise.One - sided pads should be specially marked if they are drilled.
Pad overlapping
In the drilling process, the drill bit will be broken due to multiple drilling in one place, resulting in hole damage.The two holes in the multi-layer board overlap, and the film is shown as the isolation plate, resulting in scrap.





9. Too many filling blocks or filling blocks are filled with very thin lines in the design
The light painting data is lost, and the light painting data is incomplete.As the filling blocks are drawn one by one with lines in the light painting data processing, the amount of light painting data is quite large, which increases the difficulty of data processing.
X. graphics layer abuse
Some useless wires were made on some graphics layers, while the original four-layer board was designed with the circuit PCB above five layers. The defects of PCB board design process were summarized, which caused misunderstanding.Against conventional design.The design should keep the graphics layer complete and clear.


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