Pcb Drill Circuit Board Fabrication

Pcb Drill Circuit Board Fabrication

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Product Details

Product basic information:

Goods classification: PCBA

Product Name: GIN-SAM4-2.0

Orders: 50pcs

pcb industry application: body dryer

Production process: lead-free process

Production process: smt, dip, burning, testing, packaging

Solder paste requirements: Ag3.0 / Cu0.5 / 20-38uM

Double-sided patch: IC48 surface is affixed first, pay attention to check the X30-bit patch memory slot. If there is a virtual soldering phenomenon, please add adhesive paper on the steel net to increase the amount of tin to prevent the virtual soldering.

X-ray is used to check the soldering of BGA IC for the first 3 pieces. X-ray sampling is used to check the soldering of BGA IC for every 50 pieces.

The PCB boards are the same, but some materials are not the same. Make sure to distinguish the whole process during production and don't get confused.


Welding method: manual soldering, soldering iron temperature 370 degrees, tin penetration 50% or more

Product packaging: red bubble roll packaging, each sentence can not exceed 5


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