Pcb fabrication in europe

Pcb fabrication in europe

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Pcb cutting saw blade assembly

Materials used in PCB:
Copper foil: copper foil is the most important raw material for copper clad plates, accounting for about 30%(thick) and 50%(thin) of the cost of copper clad plates. Therefore, the rise of copper foil is the main driving force for the rise of copper clad plates.The price of copper foil is closely reflected in the price change of copper, but the bargaining power is relatively weak. With the rising copper price, copper foil manufacturers are in a difficult situation, and many enterprises are forced to close down or be merged.Another wave of price rises is likely in the first quarter of 2006 because of the price gap, which could drive CCL prices higher




Parameter :

The fund demand of copper-clad industry is not high, about 30-40 million yuan, and it can be stopped at any time or switched to production.In the upstream and downstream industrial chain structure, CCL has the strongest bargaining power. It can not only have a strong voice in the procurement of raw materials such as glass fiber cloth and copper foil, but also transfer the pressure of rising costs to the downstream PCB manufacturers as long as the downstream demand is acceptable.In the third quarter, copper clad plates began to raise prices, with a price increase of about 5-8%.





A nickel layer and a high chemical blunt gold layer are plated on the insertion end of the circuit board (commonly known as gold finger) to protect the end point and provide good connection performance, which contains appropriate amount of cobalt and has excellent wear resistance.

In terms of output composition, the main products of China's PCB industry have shifted from single panel and double panel to multi-panel, and are being upgraded from 4 to 6 to above 8.With the rapid growth of multi-layer board, HDI board and flexible board, China's PCB industrial structure is being optimized and improved step by step.



However, although China's PCB industry has made great progress, there is still a big gap compared with advanced countries, and there is still a lot of room for improvement and improvement in the future.First of all, China entered the PCB industry relatively late, there is no specialized PCB research and development organization, in some new technology research and development capacity and foreign manufacturers have a large gap.

cover the welding end of the circuit board with a layer of tin-lead alloy by hot air leveling to protect the end of the circuit board and provide good welding performance.



cover a layer of anti-oxidation pre-welding film on the welding end of the circuit board in the way of impregnation, temporarily protect the welding end and provide relatively smooth welding surface before welding, so as to have good welding performance.




a layer of carbon ink is printed on the contact end of the circuit board in the way of screen printing to protect the end and provide good connection performance.


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