Pcb Circuit Printed Board Assembly

Pcb Circuit Printed Board Assembly

Pcb Circuit printed board assembly Opportunities and Challenges for China PCB/ PCBA Although the new application has higher requirements for both board sheet and manufacturing process, there are still low technical PCB boards in the market. So, to improve the fabricating pass rate is direct...

Product Details

Product Details

FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd. is a mature electronics pcb & pcba manufacturer

We have our own pcb studio and factory in mainland China. Through leading technology and advanced production equipment, we can ensure that customers can use cost-effective solutions and good delivery time.

FASTPCBA specializes in the following areas:

PCB layout and manufacturing

Parts procurement

PCB assembly with through-hole and surface mount technology

Mechanical assembly of cables and harnesses

Internal programming

Full function test



Provide cost-effective, high-quality vertical manufacturing services from PCB assembly to plastic and metal parts

PCB layout, design, manufacturing, component purchase, final assembly and functional testing

Up to 20-layer PCB manufacturing and assembly process

Lead-free SMT process

Ability to flexibly process small and large batches of pcb

Product type: SMT, through-hole BGA, COB plastic die-casting sheet X-ray and ICT test according to IPC 610 manufacturing standard


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