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One Stop PCB Manufacturing Online

PCB Standard:IPC-A-610D/IPC-A-610E Item:oem service Application:Industrial Name:SMT pcb assembly with oem service

Product Details

Product basic information

Goods classification: PCBA rigid circuit board

Pcb board information: aluminum substrate, 1.6mm, 2 oz copper thickness, black oil and white on the bottom, immersion gold process

Pcb board industry application: beauty electronics

Orders: 1800pcs

Pcb board layers: 14 layers

Material used: FR-4, CEM-1 specifications

Circuit board thickness: 1.2mm

Circuit board size: 126 * 136mm

Production process: smt + dip + assembly

Solder mask color: green


Standard information for our products:

1. Materials / components are only certified by the original manufacturer or its authorized distributor ISO 9001: 2000 2. RoHS compliant

3.Global and local sourcing meet customer standards

4. Workshop complies with IPC-A-610D standard

Provide services

1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

2.Through hole plug-in service

PCB (2)

You need the following information for this service:

1. Gerber file of bare PCB and material list of components

2. Specify the brand of the component: manufacturer's part number, part type, packaging type, component location and quantity listed by reference mark

3. Assembly drawings, including any change notifications

4. Final test procedure (if any) In order to shorten delivery time, please suggest other parts (same specifications but different brands)

5. Estimated order quantity

If possible, please send us the prototype / sample board / photo for our further reference.

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