LED Lighting Controllers Pcb assembly

LED Lighting Controllers Pcb assembly

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China one stop ul 94v0 pcb board manufacturer with 1th s bitcoin miner OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn one stop ul 94v0 pcb board manufacturer with 1th s bitcoin miner production prototypes and samples from our factory....

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LED Lighting Controllers Printed Circuit Board

FASTPCBA technology co., ltd. is a competitive one-stop LED lighting module PCB board manufacturer in China, with 9 inspection procedures and quality control. It is an OEM manufacturer, supplier and seller of circuit boards.

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The biggest advantage of LED is energy saving. The power of ordinary bulb ranges from 20W to 100W, while that of energy-saving lamp ranges from 5W to 65W.The bulb USES LED as the light source and only needs 0.8w-12w power to replace 15w-100w ordinary bulb and 5w-50w energy-saving lamp.It can be seen that the power ratio between LED bulb and ordinary bulb and energy-saving lamp can reach 1:10.

Shenzhen FASTPCBA technology co., LTD. Is a competitive manufacturer of PCB packaging circuit boards in shenzhen, China.We have 9 inspection procedures, each of which controls the quality, 100% good quality.

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Baihong led circuit board ISO and IATF16949 circuit board customization

As long as the LED circuit board is focused on the car led headlights, medical lighting LED lights

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