Surface mount assemblies

Surface mount assemblies

Company Information FAQ Q : What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCB order? A: The customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file. If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products. Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCBA order? A:...

Product Details

PCB Assembly for Agricultural Machines 

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: RAS100_V1.3

Pcb sheet information: size: 149.9*101MM four layers FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, black oil white, perforated plug oil

Production process: lead-free process

Process flow: smt+dip+ assembly + packaging

IC pre-production burning: 1 customer incoming material AT24C02, STM8S105K4 will burn these two C, we confirm whether there is burning.

Solder paste requirements: Ag3.0/Cu0.5/20-38uM

A/B surface patch: 1.J15 surface first paste, because the second fixed surface will stick the PCB surface when the second surface is attached, so that the solder paste can not be brushed, so the four fixed feet of J15 must be cut off 0.5 in advance. Mm.

  2. Four steel holes should be sealed, and 100% top height defects occur in the previous batch production.

3. Pay attention to the printing effect of BGA. It is necessary to check the quality of each tin bead tin. The furnace temperature must be confirmed to be OK. Strictly control the straight-through rate and find that the straight-through rate is low and the line is improved immediately before it is put into production.


Special function:

Provides one-stop manufacturing services from PCB assembly to plastic housing and component parts, including PCB layout, design, manufacturing, component purchase, final assembly and functional testing

Up to 20 layers of PCB fabrication and assembly process, lead-free SMT process

Mold making and metal stamping for injection molding, covering and insert molding, turnkey assembly under one roof, powder coating, wet painting and plating for flexible handling of small batches and high volume production

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