Pcb Assembly Golden Finger

Pcb Assembly Golden Finger

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1. Pcb Assembly Golden Finger is the gold-plated terminal of the card edge connector. Usually, the fingers are made of hard gold, and the thickness of gold is required to be from 3u to 50u. Gold plating is used for edge connector contacts when the PCB is repeatedly mounted and removed. The gold finger is an edge connector contact that is used to plate the pad onto the board. Gold fingers help protect printed circuit board prototypes from wear and tear. It is most commonly used in high wear areas such as edge connector fingers and keyboards.

2. Pcb Assembly Golden Finger can provide connections for network transmission data, add professional adapters, connect different devices to the board, and act as an audio adapter. It should be designed so that the plated area does not allow plated through holes, no solder mask or screen printing. For paneling, always place the gold finger outward from the center of the panel. Pcb Assembly Golden Finger will last a long time and does not require repair.

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