Pcb making auto decoder pcb solding

Pcb making auto decoder pcb solding

Fostered with a team of dexterous professionals, we have been able to offer Automated Pcb Assembly for our valuable clients. We use environmentally friendly, non-polluting production materials to provide customers with quality products.

Product Details

Pcb making auto decoder pcb solding

Board manufacturing information:

Product Classification: PCBA

Board Usage: Car Decoder

Product code: 2C2325A0-PCBA

Pcb information: Specification model: double-sided soft board, board thickness 0.15MM, copper thickness 1oz, immersion gold, FR4 reinforcement thickness 0.5MM, each section is reinforced, and the solder resist layer is yellow encapsulation film.

Order manufacturing quantity: 780pcs

Delivery period: 11 days


Order information:

Process technology: lead-free process

Test material: no need

Circuit board patch requirements: soft board / reinforcing board, using patch fixture stickers.

Reflow soldering temperature setting: reflow soldering temperature is 240-243 degrees. Because it is a soft board/reinforcing board, the first time production will inform the relevant product engineering site to verify the optimal furnace temperature parameters.

Circuit board product packaging: white pearl cotton should be used to protect the carton, and it must be shockproof, anti-collision and anti-drop.

Pcba manufacturing equipment

PCB prototype

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