Rigid circuit boards Mitsubishi elevator

Rigid circuit boards Mitsubishi elevator

Name:SMT pcb assembly with oem service PCB Item:OEM Testing Service:Function Test Delivery Detail:PCB 3-10days, PCBA 10-25days Hole Wall Copper Thickness:0.025mm 1mil

Product Details

Product basic information:

Product Classification: Rigid PCBA

pcb board industry reference: Mitsubishi elevator circuit board

pcb board information: single-sided rigid multilayer circuit board material 6061 1.6mm 2oz single-sided black solder mask white character immersed gold hole and substrate conductive

Board size: 182 * 182MM

Order quantity: 2000pcs

Production cycle: 5 days


We provide the following production services:

1.PCB layout and manufacturing

2. Parts procurement

3. PCB assembly with through hole and surface mount technology

4. Component inspection

5.Bad board repair

6.Shell molding

7.Exquisite anti-static packaging

8. Internal programming

9. Full function test

10. Sample making

PCB prototype

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