Mini Split Circuit Board Assembly

Mini Split Circuit Board Assembly

Service:PCB fabricate/design/layout/assembly Testing Service:Test fixture/AOI/X-ray

Product Details

Product basic information:

FASTPCBA can provide you with the best pcba electronics one-stop manufacturing service:

Goods classification: PCBA

PCB board industry application: engine

Pcb board information: single-sided aluminum substrate, material 6061, 1.6mm, 2oz, single-sided black solder mask, white character, heavy gold, hole and substrate conduction, single-board size: 201MM


1.PCB production services. (FR-4, HI-TG, aluminum, FPC, TEFLON, CEM-1)

2.PCB FPC design service.

3.PCB assembly services. (SMT, BGA, DIP)

4. IC program with HEX file.

5.PCBA shell assembly service.

6. PCBA final functional test.

7.PCB PCBA copy service.

8. Electronic component procurement and BOM list procurement services.

9.PCB SMT mold. (Laser cutting and etching)

10. Shell molding assembly

PCB (2)

FASTPCBA quality control:

ISO9001: 2016 Quality Management

IQC 100% incoming inspection

100% AOI inspection of the inner layer

Copper thickness measured by OXFORD

100% dry film and solder mask retouch

IPC-6012B controls PCB performance

IPC-A-600G quality standard acceptance

UL certification level 94V-0

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

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