Light Remote Control Pcb Board

Light Remote Control Pcb Board

Applications:Industrial/Consumer electronics/Hobby/Medical/Communications Design software:Cadence OrCAD/Allegro/Altium PCAD/Mentor Graphic PADS Suite Schematic capture:Yes

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Light remote control pcb board

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There are two ways to proof: regular PCB circuit board factory and professional model company. The purpose of regular factory proofing is to have bulk orders, so of course you want to return the order; the proofing company itself only makes samples or small batches, and if there is a big order, it can't be done. In terms of quality assurance, it is definitely a formal factory that is better than a model company. The model company is a hammer sales model to send out the money, the flying needle test does not need to be done, the quality is not enough, you have to play again and then once again; Regular factories generally do flying needle testing, from materials to crafts are careful and professional, so the quality is often successful once. A PCB project needs to involve a lot of things. If a product has a problem in a certain link, it will easily affect the progress of product development. The PCB board is also the same. Generally, a PCB is designed. The PCB will be sampled to the sample factory for proofing and several boards. Do the test, if the test passes, everything is OK, then you can find the mass manufacturer directly to mass production in the future, the price will be much lower than the model factory, the sample factory proofing is mainly outstanding and fast.


In the circuit board design, the first thing we need is to draw out the schematic diagram of the circuit board. The next step is to generate the network table. We can use the network table to directly design the PCB. According to the habit of personally setting the circuit board, some parameters of the design system are set, such as the size and size of the cursor, and the type. In the normal case, we take the system default value and ok. The board related parameters need to be set according to the specific needs. For example: the size of the board, the number of layers of the board, the process requirements and other parameters. When the network table is introduced, it is necessary to check and correct the errors in the circuit schematic design. It is particularly important to note that in the schematic design of the circuit, the problem of part packaging is generally not involved, but when the PCB is designed, part packaging is indispensable.

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The system's automatic layout function can be utilized, but the automatic layout function is not perfect, and the position of each part package needs to be manually adjusted. There are certain rules for the setting of the wiring. The wiring rules mainly set the contents such as the safety distance and the wire form. This is the knowledge that the wiring must understand. The automatic routing function of the Protel 98/Protel 99se/dxp/dxp2004 system is relatively complete, and the general circuit diagrams can be laid out; however, some lines are not satisfactory and manual adjustment is required. After operating the wiring of the board, the next step is to save the completed circuit diagram, and then use the image software device for output. There are printers that are common.

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Rigid substrate material and flexible substrate material. An important variety of rigid substrate materials is copper clad laminates. It is made of Reinforeing Material, impregnated with resin adhesive, dried, cut, laminated, and then coated with copper foil, using steel plate as a mold, and processed by high temperature and high pressure forming in a hot press. Into. The prepreg for general multi-layer board is a semi-finished product of the copper-clad board in the production process (mostly glass cloth is impregnated with resin and dried). There are many ways to classify copper clad laminates. Generally, according to different reinforcing materials of the board, it can be divided into five categories: paper base, glass fiber cloth base, composite base (CEM series), laminated multi-layer board base and special material base (ceramic, metal core base, etc.). If paper is classified according to the resin adhesive used in the board, the common paper-based CCI. There are various types of phenolic resins (XPc, XxxPC, FR-1, FR-2, etc.), epoxy resins (FE-3), and polyester resins.


Common glass fiber cloth based CCL has epoxy resin (FR-4, FR-5), which is currently the most widely used type of fiberglass cloth. In addition, there are other special resins (glass fiber cloth, polyamide fiber, non-woven fabric, etc.): bismaleimide modified triazine resin (BT), polyimide resin (PI) , diphenylene ether resin (PPO), maleic anhydride imine - styrene resin (MS), polycyanate resin, polyolefin resin, and the like. It can be divided into two types: flame retardant type (UL94-VO, UL94-V1 grade) and non-flame retardant type (UL94-HB grade). In the past one or two years, with the emphasis on environmental protection issues, a new type of CCL that does not contain bromine in the flame retardant CCL can be called “green flame retardant cCL”. With the rapid development of electronic product technology, there are higher performance requirements for cCL. Therefore, from the performance classification of CCL, it is divided into general performance CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high heat resistance CCL (normal board L is above 150 ° C), low thermal expansion coefficient CCL (usually used on package substrates) ) and other types.


 For possible higher potential differences between certain components or wires on the board, we should increase the distance between them to avoid accidental short circuits due to discharge. Components with high voltage should be placed as far as possible in the hands of the hand when debugging. For components weighing more than 15g, they should be fixed with brackets and then soldered. Those components that are large, heavy, and have a lot of heat should not be mounted on the printed board, but should be installed on the chassis of the whole machine, and heat dissipation should be considered. The thermal element should be kept away from the heating element. For the layout of adjustable components such as potentiometers, adjustable inductors, variable capacitors, and microswitches, the structural requirements of the complete machine should be considered. If it is adjusted inside the machine, it should be placed on the printed board to facilitate adjustment; if it is adjusted outside the machine, its position should be compatible with the position of the adjustment knob on the chassis panel. For devices with weak anti-noise capability and large power supply changes during shutdown, such as RAM and ROM memory devices, the decoupling capacitor should be directly connected between the power cable and the ground of the chip. Power line design According to the current of the printed circuit board, try to increase the width of the power line and reduce the loop resistance. At the same time, the direction of the power line and the ground line are consistent with the direction of data transmission, which helps to enhance the anti-noise capability.

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