Prototype pcb manufacturing

Prototype pcb manufacturing

Shipping:DHL UPS TNT Fedex EMS Testing Service:IPC-600 II Certificate:ISO9001,UL,TS16949

Product Details

Circuit board product details:

Goods classification: PCBA

PCB industry applications: mixing machines

Pcb board information: single-sided circuit board, material 6061, 1.6mm, 2oz, single-sided black solder mask, white characters, heavy gold, holes and substrate conduction,

Board size: 178mm * 178mm

Prototype service PCB assembly with 0201 chip size and 0.3mm pitch

SMT: 2,000,000 solder joints per day

DIP: 300,000 joints per day

Certification: ISO 9001, IATF16949 / ISO13485

PCB (2)

FASTPCBA's SMT production process:

Material receipt → IQC → inventory → material to SMT → SMT line loading → solder paste / glue printing → chip installation → reflow → 100% appearance inspection → automatic optical inspection (AOI) → SMT QC sampling → SMT inventory → material to PTH → PTH Production line loading → plated through hole → wave soldering → repair → 100% visual inspection → PTH QC sampling → online test (ICT) → final assembly → functional test (FCT) → packaging → OQC sampling → transportation

pcb process

Required PCB Assembly Information:

Gerber files for bare PCB boards

BOM (Bill of Materials) for assembly

To shorten delivery time, please let us know if there are any acceptable component replacement products.

Test guide and test fixture (if necessary)

Programming files and programming tools (if necessary)

Schematic if necessary

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