Pcb prototype smoke alarm PCBA board

Pcb prototype smoke alarm PCBA board

Intelligent security smoke alarm PCBA From the intrinsic principle, the smoke alarm is to prevent fire by monitoring the concentration of smoke. The smoke alarm uses ion smoke sensor inside. It is a technologically advanced, stable and reliable sensor, which is widely used in various Among the...

Product Details

Specification model: single-sided aluminum substrate, plate thickness 1.0MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, white oil black

Unit of measure: 1000pcs

SMT points: 518

DIP points: 28

Sub-board requirements: Sub-board splitting board, pay attention to not twist the PCB board when sub-board

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Process technology: lead-free soldering

Circuit board cleaning method: pay attention to the washing water, do not corrode to the connector

Inspection requirements: General Standards implement IPC-610E-2


Product details:



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