Industrial Electric Meter Pcb Board

Industrial Electric Meter Pcb Board

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Industrial electric meter pcb board


The electronic power steering system is powered by a dc motor instead of a traditional hydraulic power cylinder, battery and motor.This kind of microcomputer control of steering system and compared with the traditional hydraulic power system components, the characteristics of small volume, light weight, the optimization of steering force, steering return-to-center characteristics, improve the ability of the car's steering and steering response characteristics, increase the mobility of car at low speed and adjust the driving stability.


According to the instantaneous load of the suspension device, the adaptive suspension system can automatically adjust the stiffness of the suspension spring and the damping characteristics of the shock absorber in time to adapt to the load at that time and maintain the fixed height of the suspension.This greatly improves the stability, handling and ride comfort of the vehicle.

When driving at high speed for a long distance, the automatic control system can be adopted for the cruise at constant speed. The constant speed driving device will automatically adjust the opening of the throttle door according to the driving resistance. The driver does not have to often step on the accelerator to adjust the speed.In case of climbing, the speed will decrease, and the microcomputer control system will increase the throttle opening automatically.In the downhill, the valve is automatically closed to adjust the engine power to a certain speed.When the driver shifts gears or braking, the control system disconnects automatically.
As the world's major automobile manufacturers attach great importance to automobile safety, electronic new technologies have been widely adopted in such aspects as airbag system, driving dynamics control system (FDR or VDC), anti-collision system, seat belt control and camera control.



Whether the market center of gravity shifts to developing countries or the technology center of gravity shifts to electronic technology, it will inevitably affect the development direction of automobile electronics.And the technology itself will face tough requirements from performance, safety and environmental regulations.Electronic technology will play a big role in the automobile industry in the next decade.
The future of the automotive electronics industry is green, environmentally friendly, safe and connected through a comprehensive survey and study of global trends that drive the development of new technologies, products and markets around the world.


The third major trend in the development of automobile electronics is the communication connectivity of automobiles.
The automobile society will enter the era of Internet of vehicles
The Internet of vehicles is actually a new network that combines the Internet and the Internet of things, which is dominated by cars.The intelligent cars in the era of "Internet of vehicles" have the following features: first, the cars can maintain a relatively fixed distance between them and achieve zero collision;Secondly, the formation of teams between cars is carried out randomly. According to the destination of the car owner, through the automatic communication between GPS positioning and vehicles, cars and vehicles can temporarily form a team or leave the team to improve the traffic efficiency.


Generally, automobile electronic products can be divided into two categories, one is automobile electronic control device, the other is vehicle electronic device.The former is used in conjunction with the mechanical system of the vehicle, namely the semiconductor market application structure of the so-called "electromechanical combination", including the engine control system, chassis control system, and body electronic control system.The latter is an electronic device which can be used independently in the automobile environment. It has no direct relationship with the performance of the automobile itself, including the automobile information system, navigation system, automobile sound system and TV entertainment system.



with the development of automobile electronic technology and the increase of automobile control unit, automobile electronic technology is developing towards centralization, intelligentization, networking and modularization.
Centralization is to reduce the excessive number of controllers in the car, and to concentrate multiple functions into one controller, such as the engine management system and automatic transmission control system, integrated into the integrated control of the power transmission system (PCM);Brake anti-lock control system (ABS), traction control system (TCS) and drive anti-skid control system (ASR) are integrated for braking control..
Intelligent means through the advance experience or best vehicles run data input, and to monitor the running state of the vehicle, the vehicle automatically adjusts to the driving stability, flexible manipulation of state, and through to the surrounding environment monitoring of vehicles, the vehicles will be automatically adjusted to the best speed, and the surrounding objects (pedestrians, vehicles, etc.) keep a proper distance, ensure the safety of vehicle.For example, vehicle stability control system (VSC), adaptive cruise control system (ACC).

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