Induction heating pcb assembly

Induction heating pcb assembly

PCB Standard:IPC Class2 Service:PCB fabricate/design/layout/assembly Testing Service:Test fixture/AOI/X-ray

Product Details

Goods classification: PCBA

PCB board information: double-sided circuit board MCPCB 6061, 1.6MM, 2OZ, black oil and white, heavy gold, hole and substrate conduction, single board area: 201MM diameter circle

Production process: lead-free process

Pcb industry application: induction heating equipment

Order quantity: 5000pcs

Circuit board test requirements: 1. Sample test for short circuit and short circuit, batch function test;

2.Aging test for half an hour;

3 The test aging steps are: test-aging for half an hour-test;

PCB prototype

Solder Paste: Customized Thousand Island Solder Paste SN99AGO.3CU0.7

Testing requirements: 1. X-RAY confirms the tinning effect of the LED lamp. The thermal pad of the lamp must lose more than 80% of the tin.

2. LED batch sampling rate should be above 3%, and all samples should be inspected.

3. The shielding cover must not be soldered to ensure that the two fixed feet are welded at least.


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