3D Printer Controller printed circuit board

3D Printer Controller printed circuit board

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Product Details

Product basic information:

Goods classification: PCBA

pcb board information: 14 layers FR4 TG170 board thickness 1.6MM copper thickness 1OZ Shen gold blue oil white

pcb board industry application: 3d controller

Production process: lead-free process

Solder Paste Requirements: Lead-free solder paste SN99ACO. 3CUO.7

PCB penetration requirements: pay attention to check that the penetration is above 50%







Laminate material

FR4, Alu, CEM3,Taconic,Rogers

Board cutting

Number of layers


Min.Thickness for inner layers 

(Cu thickness are excluded)


Board thickness




Single/Double layer:0.008±0.004''

Bow and twist


Copper weight

outer Cu weight 

0.5-4 oz

inner Cu weight 

0.5-3 oz


Min size


Drill deviation


PTH hole tolerance


NPTH Hole tolerance



Min hole size


Aspect ratio

20(5 :1)


A 3D Printer Controller printed circuit board is a physical component of an electronic device. They consist of a plate and solder, usually of resin or plastic, which is a conductive metal part that directs energy, usually made of copper. Solder makes electrical connections between the PCB and the device possible. There is also a screen printed layer on top of the board that indicates the location of the roadmap.

PCBs are not only powered; they also support the mechanism of the device. That's because they not only route power, but also route signals to different components. That's why the PCB is like the brain of a device - without it, the device won't work.

PCB (2)

The PCB usually talks about how many layers it has, and can be from 1 to 10 layers. The more complex the device, the more PCBs there are. They can also be single or double sided with copper on both sides. The more copper you connect to a component, the more components you can have - so the more complex the device.

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